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Special Intentions/Request Vigil Candle

In our Catholic tradition we often ask others to pray for us and for our special intentions. There are several ways to request prayers from the parish.


For parishioners and their families who need an immediate and urgent prayer request, you may want to activate the parish prayer chain. To have someone added to the Sacred Heart Prayer Chain, contact Dorothy Castonguay at 792-2866, Mary Pritchard at 792-3518 or Margaret Dimon at 792-9819.


In our weekly bulletin we list the names of people who need our prayers. Parishioners may call or email the parish office to submit names of people to be included in this prayer list.


People may stop by the church and offer thanks to God for blessings received or to pray for themselves or others. Our parish has votive candles in front of the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph statues in the main sanctuary; in front of the Divine Mercy Picture in the daily Mass chapel, and in front of the Sacred Heart Statue in the vestibule of the church. Lighting a votive candle is a sign of someone’s “vow” to pray and a reminder that prayers continue to be offered even after leaving the church. Donations are left to pay for the candles.


Wouldn’t we all love to be able to devote an entire week to be in prayer with our blessed Lord? With busy lives this is impossible. However, the flame of a burning holy candle may symbolize our intention to be constantly in prayer. The burning wick of the candle becomes our very prayer, symbolizing our intent and desire to be at prayer, even at times when this is not possible.

You may ask our parish to remotely light a vigil candle for you. The offering is $5 per candle, which will be lit by our parish volunteers and which will burn for your prayer intention for a week. You may make as many offerings as you wish, but the offering for each candle is  $5, payable through PayPal (see below).

On the payment form which will appear, please submit your first name and only the first initial of your last name, along with your prayer request/intention in the “Please Share Your Prayer Intentions” box.  (If you do not want this information to appear on this website, please note it in this box.

CLICK HERE to see the various prayer intentions we have received. When your prayer intention has been processed you will see your submission also. Please remember that this vigil light ministry is accomplished by volunteers in our parish so your request may not immediately appear on line. Your request must be processed locally by our parish volunteers before your submission will be visible on line.


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