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Christian marriage is different from secular culture’s attitude toward marriage and love; as Catholics we see it as a sign of God’s love. Christian marriage is not merely a civil contract between two people, but instead it is a covenant in which two people are joined in perfect union with GOD.

For Marriage preparation, call the parish office to begin the process as soon as possible. Or, you may approach either the pastor, Fr. Reynolds, or the deacon, Deacon Dan Goetz, to direct your marriage preparation. Minimum time needed is 6 months to a year. The parish assists couples in preparing spiritually for their wedding day and in preparing them to live the marriage covenant for the rest of their lives. Preparation involves three distinct steps:

1. FOCCUS INVENTORY of Beliefs and Attitudes

This is an aid to help you study, understand and communicate openly about many things that are important to your relationship. It is not a test or a way to predict the future. It is designed to help you target the topics you need and want to talk about as a couple. This requires a minimum of 2 sessions.

2. Counseling sessions with priest or deacon who will witness the couple’s exchange of consent (Usually a minimum of 4 sessions)

3. One of the following:

a. The Diocese offers a two-day preparation workshop(a required fee)

b. Engaged Encounter Weekend (a required fee)

c. Sponsor Couple Program

VIDEO: Saying I do… What Happens at a Catholic Wedding


Wedding Receptions

The couple needs to be married at Sacred Heart Church to have their reception in McCann Center. Contact the parish office for a copy of the rental contract explaining the options.


From the time of the Apostles the Church has dissolved marriages. Since marriage involves serious responsibilities, the Church has given us serious requirements in order to be married. When one or more of these requirements are missing from the very beginning of the marriage, the Church can annul the marriage. The annulment process is part of the healing ministry of the Church. Annulments at Sacred Heart are initiated by a priest. To make an appointment please call the parish office. There are two different circumstances giving rise to the processes of dissolving the bond of a previous marriage:

1. Pauline Privilege – Neither party to the former marriage had received Christian baptism prior to or during marriage. The Petitioner is seeking Catholic baptism and wishes to enter a new marriage with a baptized partner. Proven by testimonies of two credible witnesses regarding each non-baptized party. The Respondent is contacted. Cost : $200

2. Privilege of the Faith – Generally, one party to the former marriage had not received Christian baptism prior to or during the marriage. The Petitioner wishes to marry in the Church. The Congregation in Rome will not accept the case of a Petitioner who is the major cause of the failure of the former marriage. The intended spouse must be a baptized person who is eligible for marriage in the Church. Proven by testimonies of two witnesses regarding the non-baptized party. Cost: $725

Documentary cases are those cases in which a party’s attempt at marriage is invalid and can be proved so by the production of the proper documents.

1. Lack of Canonical Form – A Catholic party was married in a non-catholic ceremony without authorization by the Catholic Church. Proven by documents and the Petitioner’s testimony. The Respondent is normally contacted. Cost: $100

2. Ligamen – One party to the former marriage had been validly married previously and was thus bound to a former spouse at the time of the marriage for which an annulment is sought. Proven by documents and testimony. The Respondent is contacted. Cost: $150

Formal cases involve a more in-depth and lengthy investigation into the failed marriage, which enjoys the presumption of validity, which perdures until the contrary is proved.

Formal Annulment – Typically, both parties to the former marriage were baptized Christians, but if grounds of nullity can be verified any party, whether baptized or not, can petition. Completed Formal Petition must accompany the form, after the Petitioner has reviewed “About Annulments”. Cost: $400

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